Monthly Transport Breifings

UKTS produces a monthly transport briefing that comes in two parts, part one is a look at national transport projects, plans and proposals. Part two is a look at regional and local schemes the aim is to explain the facts in an easy to understand way that will be useful for transport professionals, politicians, campaigners and enthusiasts. Each month we try to explain jargon or methods used by organisations such as Network Rail. You also get to log in to the members only section of this website where all the previous briefings will be stored.

You will be able to request information for the next briefing, we will endeavour to include this, you can also contact us for a quicker response with a discount on that service.

The briefing is sent by email, we are able to post this but will require additional payments to cover the costs. Currently the briefing will cost £5 per month however if you pay for a year upfront we will give two months for free.

for more information please email